Probate is an essential service when distributing the estate of a loved one. Would you want to leave that to chance?

Probate Service with Winns

Probate is an essential service when distributing the estate of a loved one. Would you want to leave that to chance?

During an already stressful time, when grief should come before confusion and anxiety, the Probate process can seem daunting. Don’t be put off; the team at Winns can help.

Giving you peace of mind in an unsettling time, Winns is here for you when you need us most.

What is Probate?

Probate is a process that enables executors to distribute a loved one’s estate to their beneficiaries. When an estate has a property within it or is over a certain value, you’ll often need Grant of Probate to get the ball rolling and for banks to distribute monies or for a house to be sold. It also covers the potential tax obligations that apply on death.

I was very happy with the service offered by Winn Solicitors in the handling of the probate process for my Mum’s estate. Rebecca and Josef were prompt, friendly and efficient in their communication and the handling of the process. I would highly recommend their services.

Claire, Trustpilot Review

Is it a difficult process?

Although you can do it by yourself, there’s loads of technical and legal terminology and processes to go through.

Plenty of people won’t be familiar with Probate, most won’t know about the Grant of Probate, how to obtain it and the risks, and even more won’t be clued up about inheritance tax and its potential implications.

That’s OK. Our specialist team are here to help with advice, guidance, and the support you need. We can help you with Probate or an administration of an estate in lots of ways, and we offer different levels of service to suit you.

How would Winns help?

The Wills, Probate and Trust team at Winns cares for each client we support. We seek to do our work with compassion, kindness, and diligence.

Our team will take the unnecessary stress away from you, gathering all relevant information at an initial meeting before conducting the process on your behalf.

Although we don’t want to intrude too much during your time of grief, we will keep you in the loop. You’ll know what is happening now and what happens next.

When you instruct us, we’re on your side.

How can Winns help?

We support with any element of the process, or the whole thing if you’d prefer:

  • If it’s just Grant of Probate you’re needing help with, we’re here
  • If you want specialist advice on a section of the process, our team can advise
  • If you need our team to guide you from start to finish, we’re ready to start that journey by your side.

Our team has experience with hundreds of Probate cases. Don’t leave any of this to chance. Get in touch and let us guide you through.


How long does Probate take?

The process of Probate from start to finish can take approximately one year but that varies from case to case and is based on timescales beyond our control.

It could be quicker on a relatively simple estate or could be longer if complexities arise.

The standard turnaround time for the Probate Registry to issue the Grant from submission of the application is currently 20 weeks.

Do Probate costs differ?

There are many standardised costs that are set by legal bodies (such as the application fees charged by the Probate Registry) which stay the same. But in terms of legal fees if your estate has loads of different elements then it may cost more to process than a more straightforward one. It really depends on your circumstances. It's best to contact our team and we can have a no-obligation chat.

Do I need to keep coming into Winns offices?

Absolutely not. To make things as easy as possible, we can update by phone, video call, and/or email. We’re here to make this process as hassle-free as possible, letting you focus on the important things like grieving the loss of a loved one so we’ll make our service fit in with you and your preferences.

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